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5 Tips for Making Straight Lines With Line Marking Machines

by Donald Woods

Line marking machines offer an easy way to paint lines for all kinds of sports, parking lots and a number of other applications. The machines themselves help you to make a straight line, but if you really want to stay on course, there are a few essentials to keep in mind. Try these tips:

1. Use a Guide Line

A guide line is a simple bit of string that helps you to make a straight line. You simply put a couple stakes in the ground and stretch a bit of string in between them. This is generally easier to when you are working on grass or a sports pitch. With a parking lot, it may be a bit more difficult. In a pinch, you can lay a guideline directly on the ground and just tape it in place.

2. Mow

If you are using a line marking machine on grass, always mow before you start. If the grass is long that can throw your tyres off balance. It also affects the line itself. If the paint just hits the top of the grass blades, you may lose the line when you eventually mow the grass.

3. Make Sure the Ground Is Level

If you are marking a professional sports field, you are usually working on a level surface. However, if you are marking your own backyard, a park that is only occasionally used for sport or a similar type of area, you may end up working with an uneven surface. In those cases, you may want to take steps to level the land before you do the line marking.

4. Inflate the Tyres Evenly

If your line marking machine has plastic or solid rubber tyres, you don't have to worry about this step. However, if your machine has inflatable tyres, you may want to check the air pressure. If one tyre has more air than the other, that can force the machine to veer to one side. Even tyre pressure will help the machine to intuitively move in a straight direction.

5. Work Slowly and Steadily

Finally, don't rush whilst doing the line marking. Go over the area slowly and steadily. That will help to keep you on track, and it makes it easier to maneuver over bumps. If you're pushing the machine quickly, you will be more prone to go off course when you hit a bump or another type of obstacle.  

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