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Water Pumps: How to Deal with 3 Common Electrical Problems

by Donald Woods

Water pumps can be used for a variety of uses such as irrigating crops, draining flood waters and transporting water supplies from one storage tank to another. However, from time to time, you may notice that your water pump fails due to an electrical issue. Below is a guide which will help you to get your pump operation again.

Inspect the alternator

The alternator provides the electrical power which allows the water pump to fire up. If the alternator is faulty or damaged, it may not be supplying enough power to the pump motor. As a result, the pump will not start. Instead, you will hear the sound of the engine on the pump repeatedly attempting to start. You can attach the alternator to a voltmeter to measure its output. If the alternator does not supply the voltage listed in the owner's manual, you should have it replaced.

Check the battery and clean the terminals

Next, you should check the battery for signs that it is leaking fluid or is otherwise damaged. The battery contains acid so you should deal with any leaks with caution and wear protective clothing. A damaged battery will need to be replaced. A water pump may also fail if the battery terminals are not clean. If you are having problems with your water pump, you should check the terminals for any signs of corrosion or dirt and debris. This will often take the form of a powdery residue. Before you begin cleaning the terminals, it is important that you disconnect the battery to remove the danger of electrocution. Once you have cleaned the terminals, you should put some grease on the terminals, so they are protected from further corrosion. 

Check the cable connections

Finally, you should check all of the cables which connect the battery to the pump engine. Because water pumps vibrate as they operate, cables can slowly work themselves loose during pump operation. As a cable becomes loose, you may notice that your water pump begins to cut out now and again or does not operate at a consistent speed. These problems are often a result of loose cabling. Once a cable becomes completely detached, the water pump will stop working completely. You should periodically check the cable connections to make sure they are properly attached and that there is no sign of damage to the cable.

Repairing a water pump which is experiencing electrical problems is a relatively straight forward task. However, if you would like further advice and information, you should contact a water pump company today.