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Tips for Choosing Your Colour Scheme Before You Hire Items for Your Wedding

by Donald Woods

If you're hiring a marquee, tables, chairs, linens and other items for your wedding ceremony or reception, you should decide on your colour scheme before making those decisions. Still trying to decide? Check out these ideas.

Match Your Theme

The theme of your wedding should help you figure out some of the colours you want to include in your wedding. For instance, if your theme is edgy and alternative, you may want royal purple, silver or even a little black, but if your theme is traditional and upscale, you may want pale pink with gold accents.

Try to think of a few words that describe the feeling you want to create with your wedding. Then, ask the wedding hire company reps what they recommend based on those themes, or do some image searches online to see what colours other people identify with those themes.

Pick What You Like

Ultimately, it's your wedding so you should feel comfortable choosing your favourite colour. Depending on that colour, you may want that to be your main colour or an accent colour. Don't worry if the colour isn't traditional or doesn't work with your skin tone.

You don't have to follow any preset rules for your big day, and you can always play with different shades of your favourite colour until you find the one that works.

Consider Complimentary Colours

Once you've picked a colour or two for your wedding hire items, you need to choose a few other colours so that everything is not monochromatic. If you want to create a complementary effect, you should go for colours that are near that colour on the colour wheel. Alternatively, you can repeat that colour in the same shade. For instance, if you love purple and you're having purple bridesmaid dresses, you may want to hire light purple or violet linens.

Contrast for Eye-Catching Effect

On the other hand, you don't have to choose complementary colours. If you want your colour scheme to pop, you may want to work with colours that contrast with each other. As a general rule of thumb, the biggest contrast to any colour is the colour opposite it on the colour wheel. By this logic, blue contrasts with orange, purple with yellow, red with green, and so on.

You've probably seen these pairings at other weddings or out and about in the world. Remember, you don't just have to choose the traditional version of each colour. You can create an eye-catching effect with various shades. To illustrate, imagine royal blue table linens with a vase of orange almost coral coloured lilies on the tables.

To get more ideas, contact a wedding hire company directly. They can show you what they have available.