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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an E-Waste Recycling Plan

by Donald Woods

Do you ever stop to think about what you will do with your computers, printers, photocopiers, shredders, TVs and other business electronics when they break down? What if you want to upgrade your computers from the old models to the new advanced ones? Do you have a system in place for managing such kind of waste? Your waste collection company will not allow you to dump electronic waste in the regular dumpsters and skip bins. In fact, you can be penalized for disposing of such harmful materials together with the general waste from your facility.

Having an e-waste management plan in place is crucial for your business, and this article will address three reasons why.

Prevent leakage of sensitive data

When most people dispose of old computers in your company, they don't pay attention to the information stored on the local drives. Some of the folders might contain sensitive information that would jeopardize your business if it landed in the wrong hands. So if you dispose of your computers, old office laptops, and corporate phones incorrectly, they can end up in the wrong hands. Cybercriminals can salvage this information and use it to extort money from the business, steal from clients, or perform other crimes. An e-waste disposal plan ensures that these electronic devices are disposed of in a safe manner that does not expose the business information.

Prevent environmental pollution

Every business today has a role of conserving the environment through practices that reduce pollution. This can be through utilizing sustainable materials in their operations and ensuring proper waste disposal. Electronic devices contain toxic substances such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. When electronics are dumped into the landfills, these toxic materials end up polluting the soil since they are not biodegradable. They can also end up in underground water bodies. As a result, the people residing near these landfills will end up consuming contaminated water which will slowly affect their health. Proper recycling of e-waste preserves the environment and prevents health hazards in the community.

Reduce metal mining practices

Metal mining is an engaging process that contributes to environmental pollution. During the process, carbon dioxide and other hazardous gases are released into the atmosphere. If all business and household handed over their unused electronics for recycling, production industries wouldn't engage in extensive mining processes to acquire metals for electronics manufacturing. This can significantly reduce the hazardous gases released into the atmosphere. As a business, it is your role to take this initiative to contribute to environmental sustainability.

Work with an e-waste recycling company to come up with an actionable plan that will see all the electronic waste from your business recycled or disposed of in the right way.