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Ways You Should Prepare For a Fire Safety Inspection

by Donald Woods

Any fire inspection in the workplace should be conducted by a qualified inspector. A fire safety assessment ensures your business has high fire standards. When a fire safety inspector comes to your business, they will have identification. They should also come with a warrant authorising them to conduct the inspection. These experts will examine your fire safety equipment to make sure they are working correctly. If they find something wrong, then you may end up on the wrong side of the law. Thus, you should understand the things you can do to prepare for a fire safety inspection.

Understand All the Fire Codes in Your Area

Your building should meet specific fire codes and standards, depending on your location. These codes show which safety devices you should install in the property. Every state has particular fire codes they follow. Thus, you should educate yourself on the ordinances applicable in your area. Always stay updated with any changes with these laws. That way, you can avoid making any violations and paying costly fines. 

Create a Relationship with Emergency Rescue Teams

Various people help civilians in cases of a fire emergency, including medical experts, firefighters, and police officers. The only way these experts can know everything about your building is when you give them that information. It is beneficial, therefore, that you share details of your building with emergency rescue teams and firefighters. That way, they will know how to access your building and quickly get to the threat. Begin establishing a close relationship with these departments. That will help you find out what your business can do to help them. 

Always Update Your Egress Plans

An egress plan shows vital data such as emergency exits and evacuation paths people should follow. The people accessing your building should know what to do in emergency situations. Ensure that you post these plans everywhere in the building. The number of exits required depends on the size of the building. The number of people using the property also determines the exit routes required. You should always update the egress plan as the arrangement in the workplace changes. That will ensure everyone is safe even if you have not done a fire drill in your facility. 


Fire safety inspections assess the risks in your building. In case there are any corrections to make, the fire safety inspector will include them in the report. Always follow these instructions to ensure you are ready for the next assessment.