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Planting New Trees? Don't Forget the Root Barriers

by Donald Woods

If you intend to plant some trees in your newly developed back garden, you will be keen to see them grow and mature. These particular trees will develop quite quickly, and they will soon provide some much-needed shelter for your property. However, you need to take additional precautions when you plant if you want to avoid some long-term problems that could be significant. How can you adequately protect the structure of the house from these trees as they grow?

Foraging Roots

Every tree requires a significant amount of moisture if it is to remain healthy and grow properly. It can sometimes be difficult to find this moisture underground, especially if the climate has been rather dry. In this case, the root network beneath the tree will spread out in search of sustenance and could make a beeline for your property. It's not unusual for the soil beneath a house to be quite damp in comparison to nearby surroundings, and the roots will make a beeline for this moisture.

Tree roots can cause a lot of damage to the foundation of a home if left unchecked. They can also penetrate pipes, causing a blockage or a backup into your home. You will want to avoid these issues in the long term and can get ahead of the problem by taking action now.

Root Barriers

As you plant your trees, make sure that you also buy root barriers from your landscaping specialist. You should place these in between the trees and your property and make sure that they are installed to an adequate depth. These products can help the area around your tree to retain moisture, and they can also create a barrier for the roots themselves.

Make sure that you do not place the barriers too close to the tree, however, as this could inhibit growth and cause long-term instability.


When you first introduce the tree to the ground, make sure that you loosen the soil on the side that is farthest away from your property. Add some fertiliser that is rich in organic matter here as well, and you will encourage the roots to grow in this direction. When you install the barriers, make sure that you compact the soil in this area so it will be difficult for the roots to penetrate.

Getting Supplies

Make sure that you get an adequate supply of fertiliser and properly designed root barriers at the same time as you order your new trees. Talk with your landscape supply store for further information about this crucial work.