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Should you purchase a mobility scooter?

by Donald Woods

Aging can make it increasingly difficult to maintain the same level of mobility you enjoyed in the past. Most people want to still move around and retain their independence without being exposed to unnecessary risk. One way to cut down the risk of falling is to embrace mobility aids. Mobility aids make moving around your home easier and safer. If stairs become a problem, fitting a stairlift could be a worthwhile investment, allowing you to remain in a home that you love. For short trips to the local shop, a walker or a rollator could be a good solution, but how will you manage a longer journey?

Have you considered a mobility scooter?

If walking to your destination is feasible, a mobility scooter could be the most effective solution. A mobility scooter lets you ride to your destination. A scooter also makes it easy to carry back anything that you have bought on your trip. There is no need to continue struggling to walk while carrying heavy shopping. You should be able to fit everything into the basket of the mobility scooter. A scooter can make life much easier, but they aren't the right solution for everyone. If you are riding a mobility scooter in public, you must have the ability to control the scooter. You can't risk crashing into anything or endangering the lives of any pedestrians.

Are you in control?

Before you jump onto your mobility scooter and head off down the road, there are a few things that it would be wise to check. Start by being honest about your eyesight. As you age, it isn't just your mobility that can sometimes deteriorate. It's common for eyesight to get worse as you get older. Before buying a mobility scooter, ensure that you can see well enough to use it safely. You must also retain awareness of your surroundings. You must be able to react to sudden danger, such as a pedestrian or vehicle coming across your path. Finally, check that you know how to operate the mobility scooter. Are you familiar with the controls and able to use them without pain or difficulty?

Have you found the right mobility scooter?

Sometimes, you may be able to use a mobility scooter, but only if it meets your specific needs. Loss of mobility takes many forms and it may be that you struggle to maintain an upright position for an extended period. If that is the only problem stopping you from using a scooter, look for a mobility scooter that features an adjustable backrest.