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  • 7 Things You Need If You Want a Shipping Container Pool

    14 August 2017

    You may have heard of people making homes or guest cottages out of shipping containers, but did you know that you can even turn an old shipping container into a swimming pool? Wondering how? Here's what you need. 1. Shipping Container To get started you need a shipping container. You can buy used shipping containers from many shipping supply stores. However, it needs to be in good condition. You don't want huge holes, dental metal or major issues.

  • 5 Tips for Making Straight Lines With Line Marking Machines

    13 August 2017

    Line marking machines offer an easy way to paint lines for all kinds of sports, parking lots and a number of other applications. The machines themselves help you to make a straight line, but if you really want to stay on course, there are a few essentials to keep in mind. Try these tips: 1. Use a Guide Line A guide line is a simple bit of string that helps you to make a straight line.